Jacquelyne Williams Software and Systems



Our Motto is:Follow the KISS principle whenever possible (Keep It Simple Stupid)


We offer the following services at reasonable prices:


  • Custom application programming for Windows and UNIX systems using C, C++ or Visual Basic as well as .net applications.
  • Database Design with triggers and stored procedures using SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, and Oracle.
  • Local Area Network (LAN) analysis and design.
  • Web Site Design and Implementation.
  • E-Commerce applications.
  • Business Process analysis and design


We have experience in the following application areas:

E-Commerce Retailing


Libraries for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Hospital Medical Information Systems



Court Systems


Educational Systems


Pharmacy Systems


911 Systems


One-Call facility locator and notification


Call Centers



Jacquelyne Williams is operated by Jacquelyne Williams and Dr. James G. Williams who has a PhD in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh where he taught for 30 years before becoming the CIO of BroadStreet Communications, Inc from 1999 - 2001.ASRD, Inc. is headquartered at Sunset Beach, NC and has 5 people who perform work for the company.


Contact Information:


Jacquelyne Williams������������������������������� Telephone:�� 910-575-6079

P.O. Box 7808������������������������������������ Cell Phone:910-232-5399

Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469�������������� Email:��������� jellybeanjw@atmc.net